“My skin curator, oh!oh!”

We observe the beauty of our skin.
We plan to create skincare solutions that provide sensuous pleasure by carefully observing everyday life and considering the usage.

Unlike cosmetics brands around the world, including France, Italy, Spain and U.S., oh!oh! was born in consideration of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity in Asia and Asian skin types. oh!oh! knows not only it but also what cosmetics Asian need the most. 

oh!oh! headquarter is located at 36.4 degrees latitude, and we have a unique approach to product research and development.
Skin is affected by about 70% of environmental factors.

There are many things such as the change of weather everyday, humidity, oxygen concentration, ultraviolet rays, and various pollutants.
oh!oh! consultants with expertise from all parts of the world, come up with ideas, and research what “best products are for you, and where you are”.
oh!oh! explores a wide range of products that are practical and customized, and finds the best ingredients.

“Over Here! Open Here!
We’re discovering OO.
Carefully collect the pieces.
Trim and refine, OO again.”
(Ingredients, textures, scents)
(with a sense of oh!oh!)
(on the skin)
(the skin)
To bury
Breathing again.
OO is…
no title
spherical wave
OO cannot be defined in any word or sentence, but it can contain everything like this.

Beyond the product, we are also interested in skin movements.
We believe that the body’s senses can move the skin and give better skin beauty.
We imagine you are building your senses and empathizing with the skin movements suggested by oh!oh!.
“oh!oh! There’s a story inside that you didn’t know.”
Each story found by oh!oh! The number found by oh!oh! And something special…
Each breath with its own unique characteristics.

We apply unique labels to each product.
We hope you use our product, call our name, hear the story, see the numbers, and dream about it.
Arrange chronologically the emotions you feel from the echo of “oh!oh!”.
That’s your music, your dance and your own time and space.
The word διακριτικός (diakritikós) comes from the Greek, meaning ‘to distinguish’, ‘to separate’.
There are various faces in the alphabet O.
Remove: Wash and tidy residue and sebum thoroughly. * Cleanser, Toner.
Cover up:
Use regularly.
It prepares the skin softly by replenishing nutrients and moisture.

* Mask.
The thin, delicate skin around the eyes requires that much attention.
The first basic skincare step for skin, the face of oh!oh!

* serum.
It is the last step of the basic skincare rituals.
It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and protects the skin at the same time.
Reflection, Reflection:
Protect your skin. In addition to protecting the skin, it also provides moisture and nutrition.

* Sunscreen

“Founder Story”

When we discover something we like or are satisfied, we express it with exclamation oh!oh!. Maybe it’s a universal language. The concept and cosmetics we propose are included in the brand name to express oh!oh! to customers.

First oh!, surprise
Second oh!, recognition

John is the founder of Merry&B, the company that distributes MESOESTETIC and other famous European brands, massively expanded the derma cosmetics market in Korea.

His business started from fashion industry. Brands such as TOMMY HILFIGER, ROOTS CANADA, and SNOW PEAK were launched in Korea by his hands. John thoroughly analyzed customers’ needs based on experiences in the Korean and Asian markets and grew the above brands into successful brands in Korea through sourcing tailored to customers’ tastes.

Cosmetics business, which began with relationship with FILORGA France, captivated the Korean market by opening FILORGA stores at LOTTE and famous department stores in Korea, which are famous for their trickiness. Like this, his billionaire story continued to evolve.

Aware of the difficulty in measuring the skincare products which are dedicated to each person, John has decided to equip himself with scientific analysis in the field of medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.

Based on his successful know-how in the domestic and overseas dermaceutical markets, John learns all the gaps and fills in those gaps with a new concept – oh!oh! aims to deliver first-to-market products. No more dream selling or promises only, oh!oh! products are developed through a rigorous program of research, clinical-trials, result-driven with science proof backing. With pro-anti-inflammatory complex extracted from herbs and infused to the products with high technology, oh!oh! is able to use high concentration of active ingredients while minimizing the inflammation of the skin to deliver outstanding results.